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These are the 8 best options for a second passport in 2017 - 18.
In recent times, there have been extensive reviews aimed at modifying the award of citizenship by investment opportunity currently offered by many countries. One of the citizenship offers that have changed is the St. Kitts passport offer. The details have not been made public yet but I will discuss it in this article.
So are you considering a second passport? Let’s have a look at the best options in 2017 - 18.

If you need to buy a second passport, these options should top your list. We have included details like price comparison and the ease of access to visa free countries as well as the EU and The United States.

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Bulgaria tops the list for the best passport options because of the type of investment opportunities available to the immigrant. The Bulgarian offer includes an investment of €512,000 in government bonds. This will qualify you for a residency permit. You will be eligible for citizenship after another mandatory investment of €512,000. You can also choose to invest in other fields after meeting these requirements.

In this agreement, the duration of your investment is for a period of five years, during which you will not be paid interest as specified by the investment policies in the Bulgarian government bonds. You will be offered a passport in two years with instructions to visit Bulgaria at least twice. A background check would be run on you with your consent and if the result is satisfactory, residency would be granted.

One of the advantages of applying to Bulgaria under this program is that you will get your principal investment back after five years. While other countries that offer similar program will charge you a fee for the passport, Bulgaria and Cyprus will not charge you for this.

• Other places like St. Kitts offer investments in the real estate industry; you might incur extra costs if you choose this option. After securing your documents, selling the real estate investments might also fall short in terms of value. You might have to settle for lower prices than the purchase price.

In the world ranking, the Bulgarian passport ranks 18th. This will give you access to travel to as many as 153 countries without a visa. This privilege includes traveling to Switzerland and the United Kingdom. You will be permitted to live and work in all of the EU countries.
Previously, holders of the Bulgarian passport were free to work in the UK, but this privilege has been reviewed and the latest resolutions have not been made public yet.

Bulgaria is also a part member of the Schengen region. This means that holders of the Bulgarian passport will be permitted to enter countries in the Western part of Europe. However, there is good news for Bulgarians because there are consolidated moves to establish Bulgaria as a full member of the Schengen region. Becoming a full member will definitely double the value of the Bulgarian passport, we expect to also see a rise in the world rankings of valued passports globally.


Passport program in 2016
The passport program introduced by St. Lucia is still remarkably new, hence its low popularity. Interested investors in this program can secure a St. Lucia passport by making an investment of between $500,000 to $550,000 in government bonds for a period of five years or an outright purchase deal where a mandatory payment of between $200,000 and $250,000is made to secure the passport.

Only a few applicants have applied in this new program, and few passports have also been given out. It is expected to quite hassle free since there is little rush to get this passport for now.

Holders of the St. Lucia passport have the privilege to travel to as many as 121 countries with additional advantages like visa free travel to Switzerland and a maximum of 180 days stay in any Schengen country located within the European Union. At half the price of the Bulgarian passport, you can get your own St. Lucia passport to enjoy these benefits. The St. Lucia passport had the best rating in 2016.

The provisions under the St. Lucia second passport program gives you the opportunity to receive double your investment after five years. There is an option to invest $550,000 in the government bonds after which, you will be offered a passport without any delays and you will be refunded in full after five years.

This alone makes the St. Lucia passport very attractive because you will get your investment back. All you would have lost is the accrued fees and zero interest after the period of five years.

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The Maltese passport is also highly sought after because of high-level privileges like the freedom to live and work in any country within the European Union. Fortunately, the Maltese passport also permits you to enter the United States without first securing a visa. This is possible because of the special visa waiver initiative honored by both Malta and the United States.

Holders of the Maltese passport would also be permitted to enter Switzerland and over 166 countries without a visa. This passport is ranked at number 8 in the global passport rankings.
The estimated cost of securing a Maltese passport ranges anywhere between $1.57 million and 1.85 million.

In this special second passport program, the Maltese government will only consider 1,800 applications with an attached requirement that makes it mandatory for the successful applicants to reside in Malta for an “unspecified” number of days. However, you will not be expected to reside permanently in Malta, staying in Malta for a few weeks with some interval period in-between should be sufficient to meet this requirement.



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Cyprus is a small nation but has the status of a European Union member. This has made Cyprus one of the top options when it comes to securing a secondary passport.

Cyprus witnessed an economic recession in 2013 and it recovered from this financial trouble by converting huge financial investments from foreigners. Cyprus has put in place some good policies that enable its citizens and the beneficiaries of its second passport ownership programs to have equal rights and privileges within Cyprus and as an EU citizen.

To secure a passport and citizenship from the Cyprus government, you would be required to make an investment of €2.5 million. This program was introduced to attract more foreign investors and to pacify those investors who lost huge investments during the recession in 2013.


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If you wish to have a Caribbean passport that costs less among the options, you should apply for the Dominican passport and citizenship program. The package is this; provision of the Dominican second passport for a family of four (the applicant, spouse and two children below the age of 18 years) at the cost of $250,000, with an additional $25,000 for dependents below the age of 25. An estimate of the total costs including registration, filing and professional services will cost about $350,000.

In the absence of no particular preference, it would be cheaper to secure a passport and citizenship from Dominica when compared with the investment requirements needed to achieve this in St. Kitts.

Now you must be wondering why the fee for the Dominican second passport package is so low. This is because; holders of the Dominican passport have the privilege of visa free travels to only 91 countries. It is ranked at the 41st position in the global ranking for valuable passports.

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Do you wish to secure the Antiguan passport? It is available to investors willing to make an investment of $275,000 (provided as a donation) or an investment of $500,000 in real estate with an additional $60,000 in accrued fees. This second passport and citizenship package is quite similar to the package offered by St. Kitts. Successful applicants would be privileged to travel to as many as 132 countries visa free.

The Antigua and Barbuda passport is ranked as 24th in the global rankings for valuable travel documents.

There are many similarities in the packages offered by St. Kitts and Antigua, however, your choice should be made based on your future plans and if you plan to migrate with your family. If you would prefer to directly purchase the passport, then the second passport package offered by Antigua will save you about $50,000 when compared with the package offered by St. Kitts. St. Kitts has a better deal for the real estate option though.

The passport offered by the Antiguan government was upgraded to enable holders to travel visa free to Canada, this began on April 14, 2015.



The second passport and citizenship offered by St. Kitt is very popular because of the less stringent requirements needed to secure your passport. All you need to do is make a donation of $295,000 in favor of their sugar fund or invest $500,000 in real estate. It is that simple, the government in St. Kitt will not require your actual presence in St. Kitt or that you undergo a test to affirm your eligibility for citizenship.

Many applicants choose to make a donation because of the obvious facts. If you don’t plan to live in St. Kitts, you should consider the donation offer too. My reason for giving this advice is that the real estate industry in St. Kitt is very expensive and for $500,000 you might not find a suitable place to buy. A good real estate that would suit your family will fall within the range of $800,000 to $1 million.

Another option you can consider for the real estate investment offering is getting a condo timeshare; the disadvantage of this is that you might have a hard time getting back your investment as only the very wealthy residents or visitors can afford it.

How would you like to travel to 132 countries visa free? This is what the St. Kitts passport can do, and good news, Brazil has just been included in this list. Okay now for some bad news, Canada recently made it public that it would no longer recognize the St. Kitts passport and holders would require a visa.

In the global ranking for worlds valuable travel documents, the St. Kitt’s passport is ranked 24th as at 2016.

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Grenada re-joined the league of countries offering the second passport citizenship package in 2014. For economic reasons, it put a hold on this offer for twelve years 2001-2013. We are glad the hold policy was reviewed because Grenada is a wonderful place to relocate. This package is straight forward; you would be required to make a real estate investment to the tune of $250,000. The state specifies and approves the real estate project for your investment.

Holders of the Grenada passport have access to as many as 110 countries; the list includes the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Panama and a majority of the British Commonwealth nations. Unfortunately, Canada and the United States are not included.
Grenada offers investors a confidential transaction once they agree to the terms of real estate investment before being offered the second passport. Currently, all efforts are being made to complete the Mount Cinnamon Resort and Beach Club, so this is where all the investments are being channeled to for now.