Second Citizenship Or Permanent Residency


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The Advantages of a Second Citizenship or Permanent Residency
The following are some foremost benefits of securing a Second Citizenship/Permanent Residency

  • Friendly taxation policies and security for Assets and investments
  • Safety and protection from the political or economic crisis in your native country.
  • Freedom to travel and make personal decisions.
  • High standard of living (good healthcare, education, infrastructure, security etc.)
  • Secure and friendly communities.
  • Enjoy your retirement


24Business is a legal service provider that has been designed as a source of information through which everyone can get the accurate information that covers all the aspects of immigration, second passports, second citizenship, and permanent residency abroad.

You will be guided by our well-experienced consultants through the right process of securing a visa and processing your planned immigration. The focus will be on checking your profile to ensure that you have met all the requirements as stated by the laws and enlightening you on important issues concerning your application for a visa. Our consultants have a vast knowledge of the relevant jurisdictional rights and important obligations.

Our services

  • Consultation services on second citizenship and permanent residency.
  • Guidance from an experienced consultant throughout the entire process.
  • Submission comprehensive review of your application and documents to ensure everything is in order before submission.
  • Guidance on the right procedure for submission to the appropriate authorities.
  • Real-time checking the status of your application.
  • We ensure that your application has been prepared in a way that you have the best chance of getting an approval.



We offer the best guidance and support; our team of experts in this field has an extensive experience in successfully handling many applications in the past. You will get an enlightened advice from our team which will be tailored to your specific case.

We will speak your language. We have multilingual experts in our team to ensure a good communication is established with every client who uses our services. We will provide advice on certain concerns like the best cities that favor investment immigration, your options for investment in your preferred location and handling the processing of the required documentation. We will be delighted to assist you with any concerns related to Investment Immigration Programs that might be of interest to you. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Options for Second Citizenship or Permanent Residency

Now you have the option to choose between second citizenship and permanent residency. Making a decision is now very easy because there are optional investment immigration programs available. Entrepreneurs who are considering taking advantage of this opportunity to expand their businesses can take advantage of any of the investment options. For people who wish to relocate with their families, or if you are retired and you need a serene and invigorating environment to spend your retirement years, this is calling out to you. Our team of professionals will always be ready to render the best services to you and your family.

What we do is to guide our clients in making a favorable decision about the best second passport or permanent residency program options that suit their needs. We get involved in each case with only one aim, to make the dreams of our clients come true. We will help you and your family secure a citizenship or residency in the country you have chosen.

The procedure for either securing a residency or citizenship varies among the different countries due to differences in policies and regulations. Depending on the country of your choice, you might be required to spend a minimal amount of money or quite a lot of expenses to facilitate the entire process.

We will provide you with a comprehensive list of the various investment immigration programs applicable to many countries all over the world from which you can make a choice. You will get a breakdown of the available options, requirements and other applicable factors concerning securing visas, citizenship or residency for the various countries.
We hereby confirm that the information we will present to you concerning the jurisdictions and laws applicable in other countries is meant to be viewed only as a source of information. We cannot affirm the accuracy of the information because countries regularly make modifications to the second passport and residency laws and the requirements.